Friday, November 10, 2017

Colonel Carl E. Goldbranson – Deception Planner Extraordinaire

I apologize that it has been over a year since my last post but life has been busy with travel and work and has left me less time to pursue my investigations. I did want to catch you up on our mystery man Carl E. Goldbranson whose hand in the UFO cookie jar was documented in my previous series of posts, the last of which Brad Sparks, Kevin Randle and Robert Schaeffer have yet to respond to.

The question of whether Goldbranson was back to his dirty tricks of deception planning during the UFO summer of 1947 can only be conclusively solved by the release of a 1947 Joint Security Control personnel roster which the National Archives does not appear to have, or through the release of Carl Goldbranson’s military record, assuming it provides that level of detail. The National Personnel Records Center in Saint Louis will only release to the public a service member’s record in whole 62 years after their discharge from the service, so the earliest this can occur is in 2019 as Goldbranson died in 1957.

In the meantime I continue to FOIA and dig through archives for more clues on Goldbranson’s deception career. Here are some interesting leads I have found.

After the UFO summer of 1947, Goldbranson still in his role on the War Department Intelligence Division staff shows up on CIA director’s Roscoe Hillenkoetter’s daily diary for December 15, 1947 delivering a paper of unknown subject. The Admiral John E. Gingrich mentioned as already having been briefed on this unknown subject was the newly appointed first director of the Division of Security and Intelligence at the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).  As AEC security chief, he was responsible for the physical security of AEC installations, control of classified information, development and operation of security clearance procedures, and coordination with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Given Gingrich’s role, it is conceivable that Goldbranson was delivering a paper of a counter-intelligence nature.

 Fast forward to November 2-3, 1951 when Goldbranson, serving in the Air National Guard as Strategic Planner in the War Plans division from 1948 till 1952, is still involved in deception planning as evidenced by this CIA Office of Special Operations (OSO) diary entry describing Goldbranson’s calling on the Assistant Director of Special Operations to discuss deception and double agents. This time the counter-intelligence focus of the deception is plain as day.

In my still being written book The Roswell Deception I will explain how the Joint Chiefs of Staff through Joint Security Control strategic deception operations gave rise to the UFO events of the summer of 1947 and these operations were focused singularly on counter-intelligence – the unmasking of Soviet spies.

From Goldbranson’s daring strategic deception exploits during WW2 to the Flying Saucer deception operations in the summer of 1947 to his continued high level deception operations in the Air Force up until his death, Goldbranson had a long and illustrious career in the deception black arts. There are further clues to be gathered that will conclusively shed light on the scope and nature of Goldbranson’s involvement, which takes great patience to gather. Then again it has been exactly 70 years since the world was shocked by the UFO summer of 1947 and what appeared to be other worldly events. It is high time to show the very human and down to earth origin of these UFO myths.

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  1. Interesting to see the AEC get a mention. It is one of the organisations deeply involved in the Dulce Base deception and fake UFO / real secret aircraft hoaxes used as cover for the monitoring and experiments disguised as "alien cattle mutilations". Not much has changed, because the deception ops are still highly successful.

    Even when the Valdez family directly, in detail and with irrefutable documentation proved that there is nothing "alien" going on re Dulce, still the cultist attitudes protect the truth from being embraced.