Tuesday, November 27, 2018

After 10 long years of continuous research, I am finally releasing my book, The Roswell Deception. Click the title of the book below to download a free copy.

The Roswell Deception

Please note that all original source documentation can be downloaded by going to the end notes and clicking on the embedded links.

James P. Carrion


  1. No ufos.. nasa, seti, astronomers have told us.. so obviously Roswell was a hoax.. except millions know otherwise.. they opened theyfly.com

  2. Aliens came over from another star system only to keep crashing their ufos all over the US. If the US Military can launch the retrieval operation, how come Aliens could not retrieve their own pilots and downed craft? Here is one example : https://quantumantigravity.wordpress.com/boblazar/